New Wrestler/Parent Info


We want to welcome you to MCYW! We are proud to have you join our wrestling family. We know wrestling is different than many other sports your child may be doing so we've compiled some information to help you acclimate a little easier. If at anytime during the season you have any questions don't hesitate to ask a coach or board member!

What is needed BEFORE the first practice?

  • Your wrestler will need a current AAU card. We can't allow your wrestler to practice until they have this card! This is their insurance for practices for both you and the club. Click here to purchase an Athlete card. This will expire annually on August 31 next year. Our current club code is W37AYT.

  • Your wrestler will need a pair of wrestling shoes. These will need to be worn on the mats ONLY. This is another layer of protection from skin conditions. You can buy some rubber shoe covers off amazon to make things a little easier with coming to and leaving from practices/tournaments.

  • Headgear and knee pads are optional. If your wrestler has braces they will need a mouth guard!

What to expect for practices:

  • Drop off at the beginning of practice. Your wrestler will need to come in with shoes tied and ready to start.

  • Bring a water bottle large enough to not need refilling. No juices or colored drinks. Please have your wrestler's name on the bottle they bring.

  • Your wrestler will need to be in clothing that is not too loose fitting. Athletic shorts, sweats without pockets, a short/long sleeve shirt, or a singlet is acceptable.

  • Pick up at the end of practice. Parents may enter the wrestling room 15 minutes before practice ends.

What to expect at Tournaments:

  • Your wrestler will have to weigh in at each tournament. We will go over over this a little more in depth before the first tournament of the season.

  • You will need to bring your wrestlers bag with a water, singlet, and warm up gear. You will need money for concessions and/or tournament shirts.

  • Each division for wrestling has their own time frame and we will go into that more before the first tournament.

  • We do not know a specific time for your wrestlers match. You can track all of that on Trackwrestling.

  • Only 2 coaches are allowed in the wrestler's corner during a match. Parents MUST remain in the stands.

  • Most tournaments are double elimination bracket or round robin style. We can also go more into this prior to the first tournament.

  • Once your wrestler is finished they are free to go but we always welcome them to stay and cheer on fellow wrestlers if they can.

New to wrestling?:

  • We are teaching Folkstyle wrestling. There are 5 ways to score.

    • Takedown- 2 Points From a neutral position (both standing with neither wrestler having control) a wrestler gains control over his opponent down on the mat while the supporting parts of either wrestler are inbounds.

    • Escape- 1 Point When a defensive (bottom) wrestler gains a neutral position and his opponent has lost control while at least one wrestler is inbounds.

    • Reversal- 2 Points When the defensive wrestler comes from the bottom position and gains control of his opponent, either on the mat or in a rear standing position, while the supporting parts of either wrestler are inbounds.

    • Near Fall- 2 or 3 Points When near fall criteria are met for 2 seconds. Near fall criteria is: • When any part of both shoulders or scapula of the defensive wrestler is held for a least 2 seconds within four inches of the mat. - Or - • When one shoulder or scapula is touching the mat with the other shoulder or scapula held at an angle of 45 degrees or less. If near fall criteria are met for two continuous seconds, 2 points are awarded when the defensive wrestler is out of the predicament. If near fall criteria is met for five continuous seconds a 3 point near fall is awarded when the defensive wrestler is out of the near fall situation.

  • Here are the hand signs you will see refs use during matches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If there are any questions you have that are not addressed here, please send us an email at

What ages are eligible to register for MCYW?

We currently accept registration for both boys and girls from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

What is the timeline for wrestling season?

Practice starts generally in October/November and the season runs through February the following year. With some opportunities outside of the traditional season as well.

When do you typically have practices?

Typically we practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. These days/times are subject to change when/if needed.

Do you offer financial assistance for those in need?

If financial concerns are keeping you from signing your child up please reach out to us by email at

Are parents able to sit in on practices?

We are not currently allowing parents inside practices. Some practices will be on Facebook Live in a private group. Any other questions regarding this topic can be addressed via email or in person with any coach or board member.

Will my new wrestler have to wrestle those who are more experienced?

For your wrestler's first two competing years, AYWO offers "Beginner Brackets" through the end of December each year. These are available in the weight classes that have 4 or more wrestlers registered that are also beginners. We will practice hard to get your child up to competing level as quick as possible as those beginner brackets are not promised. However, the best way to get better is to compete against those who are better than you.

Do we have to compete in tournaments?

You do not have to compete in all of the tournaments offered. Wrestling is a team sport but also very individual. It is up to each wrestler's parent as to when they compete. We typically stick to Regions 1 and Regions 2 and Tennessee area for wrestling but we can have a coach attend a tournament in other regions if we have any wrestlers who want to travel farther.